The 20th Century, Worcester.

20th centurybig

This is a painting of the 20th Century bioscope that Martin Welz refers to in his opening address at my exhibition.

The 20th Century bioscope in Stockenstroom street, Worcester, evokes memories in all of us. It was here that we as kids saw our first movies bringing a wider world of glamour, fantasy and horror to our town. This is where we got to see the Suez crisis unfolding three weeks after the event had taken place. Movies arrived on the twelve o clock train and were transported to the bioscope by a wagon drawn by cart horses. When I think back, the first movie I can remember, was Roy Rogers and his horse Trigger. In sub B our whole preparatory class was marched to the bioscope to see the Queens coronation in 1952, in colour, nogal! We laughed at the Three Stooges, loved the Modern Madcap Cartoons and those cliff hanging serials. Lassie Come Home (1943) brought a tear to a small boys eye. Later on we watched through fingers covering our eyes, those fifties sci-fi movies like the The Fly (1958) with Vincent Price and The Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954). We played knights in armor after seeing Ivanhoe (1952) and even sneaked in to see an adult rated Fellini movie, Boccaccio ’70 (1962) with Anita Ekberg and Romy Schneider and Sophia Loren.

oil on canvas
61 x 98.7 cm

About John Kramer

South African artist well known for his realistic paintings of South African small town shops, cafe's and general dealer stores. Lives in Cape Town
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